Theresa May to urge EU leaders to take action on cyber-attacks

Prime minister wants tougher response to states responsible – including sanctions

Theresa May will urge EU leaders meeting in Brussels to create a new sanctions regime to crack down on governments found responsible for cyber-attacks.

Amid growing fears about Russian meddling in foreign elections, including in Europe, and attempted cyber-attacks, most recently on the chemical weapons watchdog in the Netherlands, the prime minister will call on her fellow leaders to take tougher action.

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Snapchat becomes Snap-cat: prepare for a feline invasion

Snapchat has decided to make some of its filters and AR lenses compatible with our feline friends. Yes, you got it right, Snapchat wants to aim to exploit the engine that keeps the internet moving (cat videos) with augmented reality filters specially designed for our four-legged friends.

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Vast archive of tweets reveals work of trolls backed by Russia and Iran

Two misinformation campaigns spent years sowing discord in US and elsewhere

More than 10m tweets sent by state actors attempting to influence US politics have been released to the public, forming one of the largest archives of political misinformation ever collated.

The database reveals the staggering extent of two misinformation campaigns, which spent more than five years sowing discord in the US, and also had spillover effects in other national campaigns, including the British EU referendum.

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