Twitter and Salesforce CEOs spat over who is helping the homeless more

‘How much have you given’ Marc Benioff asked Jack Dorsey as the two sparred over proposed tax to assist those on the streets

The CEOs of two of the world’s most prominent tech companies got into an online spat on Friday over who was doing the most to address homelessness.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were tweeting at each other about a proposed tax on high-earning San Francisco businesses. It would redirect millions of dollars to help thousands of people who live on the streets, including outside the headquarters of both companies.

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Facebook says 14m accounts had personal data stolen in recent breach

Hackers were able to access name, birthdate and other data in nearly half of the 30 million accounts that were affected

Facebook has revealed 30 million accounts were affected in a data breach last month. The company said hackers were able to access personal information for nearly half of those accounts.

That information included name, relationship status, religion, birthdate, workplaces, search activity, and recent location check-ins. The company had initially said 50 million accounts were affected.

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Elon Musk says ‘Teslaquila’ is ‘coming soon’ as Tesla files trademark

Billionaire tweets ‘visual approximation’ of bottle as company applies to use the name for tequila branded after the electric cars

Elon Musk is hitting the bottle – well, probably. Tesla has trademarked “Teslaquila” – a tequila branded after his electric car company.

The product started as an April Fool’s joke when Musk claimed Tesla was going bankrupt and that he had been found “passed out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by ‘Teslaquilla’ bottles, the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks”.

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Competition regulator considering UK digital ad market inquiry

CMA remarks add to pressure on Google and Facebook, which dominate £13bn market

The chief executive of the UK competition regulator has said it is “actively considering” launching an investigation into the digital advertising market.

The comments from Andrea Coscelli of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are the latest example of growing pressure on Google and Facebook, which dominate the £13bn UK market.

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