Graham Linehan given police warning after complaint by transgender activist

West Yorkshire force tell Father Ted co-writer not to contact Stephanie Hayden after row on Twitter

Graham Linehan, the co-writer of the sitcom Father Ted, has been given a verbal harassment warning by police after a complaint by a transgender activist.

Linehan was told by West Yorkshire police not to contact the activist Stephanie Hayden, after a row on Twitter.

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How we live now: photographs that capture the 21st century

Civilisation, a new photography exhibition and accompanying book, is an ambitious attempt to document the human experience of the modern world

What does the 21st century look like? What are the resonant images of a civilisation that aspires to be global? These kinds of questions were the starting point for a project that formed in the mind of William A Ewing, who had been a museum director, curator of international exhibitions and writer about photography for nearly 40 years.

Every epoch and generation had sought to define itself, Ewing believed, but how would you go about defining our own dizzying times? The exhibition that represents his tentative conclusions will open at the National Museum in Seoul, South Korea, later this year. It will then tour the globe – Beijing, Melbourne and Montreal are its first stops – for what Ewing hopes will be a decade-long journey. The exhibition consists of the work of 140 of the world’s most celebrated photographers – from Edward Burtynsky to Cindy Sherman – each of whom is represented by the images that best seemed to answer the questions above.

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Venom: what is a one-star film like in 4D?

Luckily it hasn’t got a complicated plot – or much sex. Hold the popcorn tight and prepare to get wet

Before Venom in 4D starts we are told that it is not a wise idea to leave the cinema mid-screening as we could be injured by a flying chair or confused and disoriented by smoke, mist and water that pours over patrons as they’re watching the film.

At a Friday morning screening, I sit next to a colleague from the Australian who has a broken collarbone. He looks slightly worried. We are warned that the effects may cause our bags to be flung off the seats, phones can be crushed and popcorn will fly.

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BMW’s digital revolution is in top gear

Digital technology is profoundly transforming our daily lives. The automotive world is also affected by these changes and manufacturers are adapting. The Paris Motor Show proved that, especially with what BMW showed us.

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