41% battery recharge in 10 minutes? Welcome to the future!

OPPO isn’t new to the world of fast charging for smartphones. After launching its VOOC standard, which has been in use for several years, the company has finally taken the next step with OPPO Find X Automobili Lamborghini and Super VOOC. But how fast does it work? We had to find out for ourselves!

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Police drone finds girl, 16, who called 999 to report rape

Teenager was able to describe her surroundings in Boston to Lincolnshire police

A teenage girl who did not know where she was and called 999 to report that a man had raped her was found after police deployed a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

The 16-year-old called emergency services in the early hours of Saturday to say she was on land somewhere in Boston, Lincolnshire, with her attacker.

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Critics fear Amazon’s minimum wage hike will distract from its other issues

The world’s most powerful retailer will pay more, but its impact on the economy may mean more struggles for low-wage workers

In 1967, just a year before his assassination, Dr Martin Luther King launched the Poor People’s Campaign to “to demand that the government address itself to the problem of poverty”. Five decades on little has changed for low-wage workers.

Minimum wage increases in the US have failed to even keep pace with inflation. A full-time minimum wage worker in 1968 would have earned $20,600 a year (in 2017 dollars), according to the Economics Policy Institute (EPI). A worker paid the federal minimum wage would have only earned $15,080 working full time in 2017. Even the record-breaking run in employment growth has so far failed to raise the wages of low-paid workers.

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