5 new apps worth a spin this week

As every weekend, we are once again offering you our selection of new apps from the Google Play Store. With a little luck, one of them will make you happy. Check out our top five list right here.

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Tories’ anger directed at chairman over conference app data breach

Brandon Lewis refuses to confirm if he will resign over security flaw that exposed cabinet ministers’ data

The Conservative party chairman responsible for overseeing conference has refused to confirm whether or not he would be resigning from his role after a major security flaw in the conference app exposed the private data of cabinet ministers.

Anger was directed towards Brandon Lewis in the immediate aftermath of the security breach as senior party figures poured scorn on the chairman’s credentials.

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Should anonymous social media accounts be banned?

There are growing calls for an end to people being able to hide their identity online. But is this a threat to free speech? Labour MP Jess Phillips and tech author Jamie Bartlett swap ideas

Dear Jess

It is true that hiding behind a screen allows – sometimes maybe encourages – people to say and do things they wouldn’t in person. And the increase in nasty, offensive, and in certain cases clearly illegal, behaviour online is a big problem which the tech platforms haven’t tackled enough. I’m sure we both agree on that.

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Five breakthroughs in restoring mobility

Technological advances and surgical developments are offering new hope to those with reduced or no mobility

This week, two paraplegic patients were able to take steps again after researchers implanted an electrical device in their lower backs. Teams from the University of Louisville and the Minnesota Mayo Clinic used electrical stimulation to excite the spinal cord, helping signals from the brain reach the affected muscles.

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission: were we thinking about VR wrong?

Virtual reality wasn’t left out of EGX Berlin, and PlayStation was keen to show off its VR platform. One of the most exciting VR experiences available at the Berlin games fair was Astro Bot Rescue Mission: a VR platformer that impressed me with its clever and unconventional use of the medium. Here is our impression from the hands-on.

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Elon Musk and Tesla to pay $40m to settle SEC case over tweets

  • Musk will step down as Tesla chair but stay as CEO
  • Billionaire sent tweet about taking company private

The Securities and Exchange Commission said on Saturday it had reached a settlement with the automaker Tesla and its chief executive, Elon Musk, over his 7 August tweets about taking the company private.

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