Google owner Alphabet’s profits drop after $5bn fine but shares surge

The EU accused Google of ‘serious illegal behaviour’ to secure its dominance in mobile search, but investors shrugged off the fine

Google parent company Alphabet reported a sharp drop in profits on Monday as the company absorbed the likely $5bn cost of a record-breaking fine from European regulators.

The European Union fined Google earlier this month after accusing it of “serious illegal behaviour” to secure its dominance in mobile search. The company is appealing the decision but included the charge in its latest quarterly earnings report.

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Trump calls Washington Post ‘expensive lobbyist’, reigniting war with Bezos

President tweeted that the newspaper had ‘gone crazy’ against him and claimed it lobbies on behalf of the Bezos-owned Amazon

Donald Trump has renewed his attacks on the world’s richest man and his arch nemesis, Jeff Bezos, railing against the Bezos-owned Washington Post and Amazon, the original source of the entrepreneur’s $150bn fortune.

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Tesla shares drop after embarrassing memo leaks

Shares dropped almost 5% after the automaker was reported to have asked US suppliers for refunds, unnerving some investors

Telsa took another financial hit on Monday, with shares in the company dropping almost 5% after the electric automaker was reported to have asked some US suppliers to return payments to the money-losing company.

The disclosure was contained in a memo sent last week by a global supply manger and obtained by the Wall Street Journal. In it, the manager described the payments as essential to Tesla’s operation.

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Barefaced cheek: Rubens nudes fall foul of Facebook censors

Flanders tourist board chides firm for removing ads featuring the Flemish master’s works

Rubens nudes have entranced those visiting the world’s great art galleries for some 400 years. Contemporaries on whom the Flemish master is said to have had a profound impact include Van Dyck and Rembrandt … but none of this has passed muster with Facebook’s censors.

In a move that has prompted a semi-playful complaint to the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, it has taken down a series of promotions on social media for the Belgian region of Flanders because they feature works by the artist famous for his Baroque paintings of voluptuous women and cherubs.

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