EU vs Mountain View: who’s being evil here?

The EU Commission’s record fine against Google is causing a lot of discussion, including controversy right here in the AndroidPIT editorial team: Does Google finally need to be reigned in properly or is it completely unjustified? There are good arguments on both sides.

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YouTube bans FamilyOFive ‘pranksters’ after child abuse conviction

Michael and Heather Martin were sentenced to five years of probation last year for treatment of children in videos

YouTube has banned a family of vloggers from its platform, after the parents were convicted over physical and emotional abuse of their five children in the course of filming their popular “prank” videos.

Michael and Heather Martin,who post videos under the name FamilyOFive, were sentenced to five years of probation for child neglect in September last year, after viewers raised alarm over their treatment of their children in videos.

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Donald Trump lambasts EU over $5.1bn fine for Google

  • ‘They have truly taken advantage of the U.S., but not for long!’
  • Google guilty of ‘serious illegal behaviour’ over Android apps

Donald Trump has attacked the European Union’s decision to fine Google $5.1bn (£3.8bn) for “serious illegal behaviour”.

The European commission announced the record fine on Wednesday after an investigation found the tech company had required smartphone operators to pre-install Google’s search and browser apps or lose access to its online store and streaming service.

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