The first blockchain phone from HTC could arrive this summer

Exodus is a big deal at HTC, and no, we don’t refer to all those employees moving away or of a journey to the promised land. It’s actually the name of a new smartphone – and what a smartphone! The HTC Exodus is to be the world’s first blockchain smartphone, and is expected to launch this summer.

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Facebook labels Russian users as ‘interested in treason’

Firm removes category, which affected 65,000 people, from ad tools, following safety fears

Facebook’s advertising tools algorithmically labelled 65,000 Russians as interested in treason, potentially putting them at risk from the repressive state, until the company removed the category, following inquiries from journalists.

The labelling raises new concerns over data-driven profiling and targeting of users on the website, which has already faced criticism for the same tool algorithmically inferring information about users’ race, sexuality and political views despite data protection legislation requiring explicit consent to hold such information.

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