Xiaomi will come to the US, isn’t afraid of politics

Xiaomi will continue its plans to move into the US markets by 2019, despite an increasingly hostile political situation that has caused problems for Chinese companies looking to do business stateside. Why is Xiaomi so confident? The company has made the right connections to succeed.

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Android updates: our right or a privilege?

Updates are important, which is why two of the most well-known companies in the Android world have decided to make updates more consistent over time. Have Huawei and OnePlus simply decided to start treating their customers better, or is there something else going on?

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Is Bezos holding Seattle hostage? The cost of being Amazon’s home

Amazon is looking for a home for its second headquarters. But in its original home of Seattle, critics say rising house prices and growing inequality have damaged the city

Image shows Seattle from 2015 to 2017

However they see Amazon, for good or ill, residents of the fastest-growing city in the US largely agree on the price Seattle has paid to be the home of the megacorporation: surging rents, homelessness, traffic-clogged streets, overburdened public transport, an influx of young men in polo shirts and a creeping uniformity rubbing against the city’s counterculture.

But the issue of Jeff Bezos’s balls is far from settled. “Have you seen the Bezos balls?” asked Dave Christie, a jewellery maker at a waterfront market who makes no secret of his personal dislike for the man who founded and still runs Amazon. “No one wanted them. They’ve disfigured downtown. Giant balls say everything about the man. Bezos is holding Seattle hostage.”

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‘It’s going to create a revolution’: how AI is transforming the NHS

Technology is making impressive inroads into cancer treatment – saving lives and money

The tumour is hard to miss on the scan. The size of a golf ball, it sits bold and white on the brain stem, a part of the organ that sends messages back and forth between body and brain. In many ways it is the master controller: from the top of the spinal cord, the brain stem conducts every heartbeat, every swallow, every breath.

For this young man, the cancer came to light in dramatic fashion. The growing tumour blocked fluid draining from his brain, triggering a huge seizure. Now doctors must work out the best way to treat him.

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Fourth of July: drones to replace firework displays due to wildfire risk

Laser light shows and drone displays will replace fireworks across drought-stricken areas of the western US on Independence Day

The night sky above Aspen will light up with a patriotic display this Fourth of July as always – just not with the usual fireworks.

For the first time, the flashes of red, white and blue glowing against the dramatic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains will be provided by drones.

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