How to use Instagram on your Mac

Instagram, the ever popular social media app that allows you to edit photos and videos and share them with your friends, family and followers, is supposed to be limited to just your phone or tablet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, we show you how to use Instagram on a Mac.

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Losing one’s virginity in a Morris Minor | Letters

Readers share their experiences of the classic car

I own a mid-grey 1967 Morris Minor Traveller (Ian Allen’s letter, 7 June). Recently, I was returning to it in a Sainsbury’s car park in Macclesfield with some shopping. Hanging around the rear of the car I noticed an elderly lady wearing a Giles cartoon grandma-style hat with a flower in it and a dark ill-fitting coat. When I approached, she asked: “Young man [I’m 72!], is this your car?” When I replied “Yes”, she whimpered a little and shuffled around the rear of the car to peer in a side window.

Then came the swinging 60s punchline: “Young man, I’d like you to know that I lost my virginity in the back of one of those.” I was a bit taken aback but managed to ask if she enjoyed the experience, to which she replied, “No, not really”, and shuffled off with her trolley!

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