Twitter announces global change to algorithm in effort to address harassment

The system will use behavioral signals – how users react to a tweet – to assess if an account is adding to or detracting from conversations

Twitter is announcing a global change to its ranking algorithm this week, its first step toward improving the “health” of online conversations since it launched a renewed effort to address rampant trolling, harassment and abuse in March.

“It’s shaping up to be one of the highest-impact things that we’ve done,” the chief executive, Jack Dorsey ,said of the update, which will change how tweets appear in search results or conversations. “The spirit of the thing is that we want to take the burden off the person receiving abuse or mob-like behavior.”

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Mark Zuckerberg has ‘no plans’ to go to UK to give evidence to MPs

MPs inquiring into Cambridge Analytica breach urge Facebook CEO to appear via video link

Facebook has said Mark Zuckerberg has no plans to come to the UK to give evidence to parliament despite the threat of a formal summons, prompting frustrated MPs inquiring into the Cambridge Analytica data breach to ask if he would appear via video link instead.

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