Trump ‘working’ with Xi Jinping to save jobs at Chinese company hit by US ban

  • ZTE lost access to US suppliers over Iran and North Korea sanctions
  • Reversal is concession to Beijing ahead of high-profile trade talks

In a surprise policy reversal, Donald Trump said on Sunday he had instructed his commerce department to help get a Chinese telecommunications company “back into business”, after his government cut off access to its US suppliers.

Related: US threatens European companies with sanctions after Iran deal pullout

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Gillian Triggs joins call for digital rights reforms after brush with data’s dark side

Digital Rights Watch warns of ‘systematic and wilful degradation of our human rights online’
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Gillian Triggs, Australia’s controversial former human rights commissioner has had a personal experience of the dangers of data retention laws.

She was caught out, she reveals in a new report on Digital Rights, when she agreed to provide access to 24 hours of her digital life as part of an experiment at the Melbourne Writers Festival in 2017.

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‘Destiny 2: Warmind’ Worldline Zero Exotic sword guide

Hidden in the second expansion for Destiny 2, titled Warmind, are 45 colored items known as test nodes. Finding and destroying them unlocks one of the expansion’s greatest weapons, the Worldline Zero Exotic sword, and one of its coolest vehicles. Here’s where to find every node to claim your prizes.

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Grandmother’s steps lead to the Grauniad | Brief letters

William Blake | Art and the CIA | Grenfell inquiry | Neanderthal brains | Predictive text

I am as appalled as the other artists and arts lovers and activists who have expressed their concern about the philistine taboo on arts and creative subjects in the new English baccalaureate for secondary school children (Letters, 10 May). As William Blake pointed out, “Nations are destroy’d or flourish, in proportion as their Poetry, Painting, and Music are destroy’d or flourish.”
Michael Horovitz

• The arts and propaganda have been neatly conjoined. During the height of American Abstract Expressionism its exhibitions were funded for about 20 years by the CIA as evidence of the US’s freedom of expression compared with the tightly constricted social realism of the USSR. Ironic that many of the artists whose work was supported were ex-communists and would have been denounced in the McCarthy era.
David Cockayne
Lymm, Cheshire

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