Amazon expected to post record quarterly sales growth – analysts

Online retail giant could be on track to overtake Apple as the world’s biggest firm, experts say

Amazon will report a record-breaking 40% increase in sales in the first three months of the year to $50bn (£35.8bn) on Thursday as the retail behemoth grows its global reach, analysts have predicted.

The company, which employs more than 560,000 around the world, is expected to announce its highest ever first-quarter sales and 12th consecutive quarterly profit.

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Facebook chief’s select committee session: five things we heard

MPs grilled Mike Schroepfer on Cambridge Analytica. Here’s what he and they had to say

Mike Schroepfer may not have been Mark Zuckerberg, but Facebook’s chief technology officer was nevertheless forced to admit in front of MPs that the company had made errors in its handling of the Cambridge Analytica data breach, faced questions over what the company had not told MPs in a previous hearing, and apologised for threatening the Guardian with legal action.

Here are the five main points from his appearance before the digital, culture, media and sport select committee:

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Snapchat hopes for second time lucky with new Spectacles launch

Only 220,000 units of wearable gadget were sold first time around, with the tech firm writing off $40m in the process

Snap is doubling down on its hardware business, launching a new version of its Spectacles camera-glasses today with a better camera, the ability to take still images and water resistance.

The new model comes as Snapchat attempts to recover from the disappointing long-term fate of the first generation, which gathered attention – and long queues – when they were launched in extremely limited quantities in November 2016, but failed to sell in large numbers when they were eventually released on general sale.

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Games console: the indie designer pouring his grief into interactive art

When Dan Hett’s younger brother was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing, he embarked on a trilogy of autobiographical experimental video games about the experience and its aftermath

Scrolling through Twitter on his phone before going to sleep on 22 May 2017, Dan Hett saw a few vague mentions of an accident of some sort in Manchester: “no details, no actual news, just busybodies speculating.” He rubbed his eyes, removed his glasses and lay down without thinking about it any further. It wasn’t until he picked up his phone the following morning and saw hundreds of notifications that he realised something real had happened, that there had been an explosion, and that his brother Martyn was missing. “The messages, the ones you read … they were right, and you went to sleep,” said a voice in his head. “You went to fucking sleep.”

Hett describes this and his other experiences in the days following the Manchester Arena bombing in harrowing detail in his autobiographical hypertext game c ya laterrrr, which was released in December 2017. Written in the second-person, the game puts you in Hett’s shoes, combining detailed descriptions of what was going on in his head as escalating panic gave way to fear and anger, with small decisions for the player to make about how to behave. Do you call your mum or your dad? Do you press the police for more information or sit in numb silence? Do you wait for news at the emergency zone, packed with other exhausted, terrified families, or go home and wait there?

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