Our guide to trimming down excess apps without root

Deleting system apps is always a tall order, and cleaning up apps pre-installed by smartphone manufacturers isn’t always possible through traditional methods. That’s why we’re sharing this solution that doesn’t require you to modify your smartphone software or use root permissions!

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Is Facebook replaceable? Tech investor launches bid to ‘start the process’

Jason Calacanis, an early investor in Uber, spearheads a contest to find a service ‘that is actually good for society’

Can Facebook be replaced? The prominent Silicon Valley investor Jason Calacanis, who was an early investor in several high-profile tech companies including Uber certainly hopes so. He has launched a competition to find a “social network that is actually good for society”.

The Openbook Challenge will offer seven “purpose-driven teams” $100,000 in investment to build a billion-user social network that could replace the technology titan while protecting consumer privacy.

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