Russia spread fake news via Twitter bots after Salisbury poisoning – analysis

Propaganda from Russian-operated accounts grew by 4,000% in aftermath of attack, Whitehall says

Russia used trolls and bots to unleash disinformation on to social media in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning, according to fresh Whitehall analysis. Government sources said experts had uncovered an increase of up to 4,000% in the spread of propaganda from Russia-based accounts since the attack,– many of which were identifiable as automated bots.

Theresa May highlighted the cyber-threat from Russia in her Mansion House speech earlier this year, telling the Kremlin: “I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

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Cable calls for ‘tech titans’ Google, Facebook and Amazon to be broken up

Liberal Democrat leader claims recent scandals have shown web companies have gone from ‘heroes to villains very quickly’

Vince Cable has compared Google, Amazon and Facebook to the US oil monopolies that exploited their market power more than a century ago – and called for them to be broken up.

In a speech in London, the Liberal Democrat leader said a series of recent scandals, including revelations about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, meant the “tech titans” had “progressed from heroes to villains very quickly”.

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Market power wielded by US tech giants concerns IMF chief

Christine Lagarde feels ‘too much concentration in hands of the few’ does not help economy

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has expressed concern about the market power wielded by the US technology giants and called for more competition to protect economies and individuals.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the start of the IMF’s spring meeting in Washington, Lagarde said breaking up companies was not the solution, but added that her organisation was monitoring their impact on prosperity, financial stability and the workplace.

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Zelda? Pokémon? Spyro? Gamestruck players tweet their defining games

Under the trending Twitter hashtag #gamestruck4, video game fans have spent the day listing the four titles that defined their love of gaming. Some are predictable, others not so much

It’s a question video game fans often discuss: which games have defined your life? Now that question has become a trending Twitter hashtag, and some familiar classics are emerging as the most widely inspiring experiences.

It all started yesterday when streaming service Filmstruck took to twitter asking people to list their four life-changing movies, under a hashtag, #FilmStruck4. In response, Twitch streamer Marcus “EpicNameBro” Sanders tweeted: “I don’t watch movies, so I can’t do the whole ‘What 4 films define you’ thing. But I can do games.” He listed four titles – Final Fantasy Tactics, Demon’s Souls, Cave Story and World of Warcraft – and added the hashtag #GameStruck4.

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The Room: Old Sins finally arrives on Android

The Room: Old Sins has finally been released for Android after great success on iOS. This puzzle game sends you into a world of a mysterious doll house with many fiendish apparatuses to experiment with. Will you be putting your mind to the test and attempting to uncover the story’s mystery?

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