5 great tablets under $200: Yes, it’s possible

Thinking about getting a tablet, but don’t want to spend a ton of cash or end up with a dud? Check out our picks for the best tablets under $200, from solid brands like Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei. These tablets, ranging in size from 7 to 10.1 inches, will handle basic tasks like surfing the web or watching videos with ease.

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Spotify goes public with a bang after flag snafu to mark first day of trading

  • NYSE hoisted the Swiss, not the Swedish, flag to celebrate the deal
  • Stock exchange initially valued loss-making company at $29.5bn

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, went public with a bang on Tuesday as the nine-year-old company sold shares on the New York stock exchange that initially valued the loss-making company at $29.5bn.

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Facebook apologises for storing draft videos users thought they had deleted

Facebook says ‘bug’ resulted in videos being kept, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg hits back at Apple chief Tim Cook’s ‘extremely glib’ attack

Facebook continues to deal with the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica files, announcing policy changes and bug fixes aimed at undoing some of the company’s more controversial data collection features.

On Monday, Facebook apologised for storing draft videos which users had filmed and then deleted, saying a “bug” resulted in them being indefinitely stored instead.

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