No Top Gear stunt zone – and other road signs we’d like to see

With new signs set to warn of hedgehogs crossing surely it’s time motorists were given prior notice of lots of other distressing phenomena? Here are a few suggestions

Signs warning motorists to watch out for hedgehogs are to appear on UK roads to reverse plummeting numbers – down from 30m in the 1950s to under 1m today. But here are a few other signs we’d like to see:

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Spotify poised to be a $25bn company on eve of IPO

Music streaming service’s NYSE flotation comes amid fierce competition in the sector and high volatility

Spotify is poised to press the play button on a stock market float that will test investors’ faith in its future prospects, amid mixed fortunes for fast-growing technology companies.

Analysts said the performance of the music streaming service’s shares on its first day of trading on Tuesday would gauge market opinion on whether it can stave off fierce competition for music fans’ wallets and eventually make a profit.

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Ready Player One – do you buy Spielberg’s vision of virtual reality? Discuss with spoilers

The director has received positive reviews for his first sci-fi movie in over a decade. But do you find his digital wonderland convincing or overly corporate?

  • This article contains spoilers

There are so many potential competing narratives to discuss when looking at Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, so many ghosts in the machine vying for our attention. This is Spielberg’s first science fiction movie since 2005’s War of the Worlds, unless you count the CGI aliens in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It is a movie that has largely impressed the critics, yet has led to much navel-gazing, largely linked to the widespread reappraisal of its source novel in the wake of Gamergate. It is a vision of the digital future that seems more corporate and branded than those we have seen on the big screen in the past, yet it also feels closer than ever before to the (virtual) reality we are just beginning to enter.

What did you think of Ready Player One? Here’s your chance to give a verdict on the movie’s key talking points.

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EU official seeks ‘clear game plan’ on social media and elections

British commissioner wants more transparency and limits on harvesting data for political ends

A senior EU official has called for action against internet companies that harvest personal data, as Brussels prepares to move against those spreading “fake news” following the Cambridge Analytica revelations.

Sir Julian King, the European commissioner for security, wants “a clear game plan” on how social media companies are allowed to operate during political campaigns to be ready for the 2019 European elections.

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