Help us monitor political advertising on Facebook in your state

You can help make political advertising more transparent by recording ads and the associated targeting information

Are you Tasmanian, South Australian or Victorian and care about holding politicians to account? If so, we need your help.

During the current and upcoming state election campaigns you may be targeted with political advertising on Facebook.

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Google search results for abortion services promote anti-abortion centers

When users seek facilities for the procedure, Google Maps often presents ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that discourage abortions

Google searches for abortion services direct users to anti-abortion centers across the US, according to a new report that has sparked concerns from reproductive rights’ groups.

In response to the question “Where can I get an abortion near me?”, Google Maps frequently suggests “crisis pregnancy centers”, which are often non-medical facilities that provide counseling meant to discourage women from having abortions.

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Boston Dynamics crosses new threshold with door-opening dog

Robotics company releases video of the SpotMini, its four-legged and well-mannered machine

Eight years after it was first revealed to the public, the uncanny gait of Boston Dynamics’ quadrupedal robots is still unsettling. But a new video, released by the firm on Monday, shows the company’s flagship robot, the SpotMini, crossing a new threshold – literally – as it demonstrates that it can open doors.

The video depicts a SpotMini, four-legged yellow machines that stand about a metre high, flummoxed by a closed door before a second robot of the same type, equipped with a fifth limb extending from its back, arrives to save the day. The second bot turns the handle, pulls the door open and holds it for the first to walk through before it follows.

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Honor View 10: Tips and tricks you need to know about

Optimize your Honor View 10 with these trips and tricks. From improving audio quality, to protecting your personal photos, videos and information from prying eyes, we’ll talk you through several hidden features that will vastly improve your experience with the Huaweis View 10.

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