Monster Hunter: World review – in hot pursuit of the beast within

The latest in a visceral series, this breakout hit shoves humans back down the food chain to a land where dinos roam

In 1864, when Jules Verne published Journey to the Centre of the Earth and, almost five decades later Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published The Lost World, there still existed in readers a lingering notion that, just maybe, in some unmapped nook of the planet, the dinosaurs had prevailed. Not just the soaring raptors and skittering lizards, but the lumbering mastodon and megalosaurus too – vanished monsters whose form, animation and complexion we’d no longer have to extrapolate from bony jigsaws, but could observe right there, plodding through foreign grass. No more. Google’s prying satellites have mapped every furlong of the planet, while sonar long extinguished any hope of some subterranean Mesozoic outpost.

The compulsion to rediscover a lost world remains, however. In this, the Crichton period, we have turned to the uncharted plains of test-tube science in the hope of resurrecting real-life dinosaurs. Monster Hunter: World rejects this approach and returns to the romance of the Victorian stories: it sends you off to a forgotten continent, one filled with wild and unclassified megafauna to investigate, spot, capture or kill. It is also, indisputably, the most vivid and profound opportunity we have yet seen to come face-to-claw with our planet’s old monsters.

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Household robots: more than just expensive toys…

Advances in AI and robotics are leading to high street models becoming increasingly useful in our day-to-day lives

Named after the Greek god of the wind, this bot’s abilities are more prosaic yet nevertheless useful. Its big boast is that it can fetch you a beer from the fridge, but this household helper can also vacuum, pick up toys and find your lost glasses. The price tag will probably be five figures and the manufactures are hoping it will breeze into shops later this year.

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