Now you can use Alexa to send SMS messages

Amazon has announced a new feature for Alexa—now you can use Amazon’s smart assistant to send text messages using your voice. You just need to ask Alexa and it will take care of it for you, even to contacts without an Alexa device of their own. The catch? Well, so far Alexa can only send an SMS from Android devices.

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Facebook enables ‘fake news’ by reliance on digital advertising – report

Paper co-written by former company exec recommends switching news feed back to chronological listing

Another former Facebook executive has spoken out against the company’s current business practices, arguing that they directly enable electoral interference.

Dipayan Ghosh, once a privacy and public policy advisor for the social network, argues now that disinformation of the sort used to interfere in the US election and the EU referendum is strongly linked to the nature of Facebook as an advertising platform.

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