Game developer Quantic Dream accused of ‘toxic’ and ‘sexist’ working environment

The two French studio heads behind supernatural adventure Beyond: Two Souls face accusations of inappropriate behaviour towards staff

French video game studio Quantic Dream has been accused of propagating a toxic working environment, according to reports in three French news publications.

Quantic Dream is one of France’s best-known and most successful development studios. Its mature-themed cinematic games, including psychological horror title Heavy Rain and supernatural adventure Beyond: Two Souls, have sold in their millions. But stories published by Le Monde, investigative site Mediapart and gaming site Canard PC allege that the company’s success hides a “a toxic corporate culture” where inappropriate language and behaviour is routine and employees face overwhelming workloads.

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Can an app that rewards you for avoiding Facebook help beat smartphone addiction?

The Hold app – already used by 40% of students in Norway – allows users to earn rewards such as cinema tickets for not using their phone. We put it to the test

It’s March 2012, the middle of exam term and my friend is in despair. Why? She can’t access her Facebook.

Nordic app Hold is hoping to combat such examples of student smartphone addiction. It rewards users for not looking at their phones on campus – a task so difficult for my zombified-friend that she resorted to using a website that locks her out of all social media accounts.

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LG V30 Android update: Oreo beta comes to US

The LG V30 is the Korean compay’s most popular flagship, and so a priority when it comes to receiving the latest Android version. After releasing the update in South Korea, LG has started testing Android 8.0 Oreo for the LG V30 in the US. Users in the US have already begun to receive the beta on their unlocked devices.

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