Mark Zuckerberg taking parental leave for the month of December

‘I’m going to take advantage of Facebook’s option to take leave in parts,’ said the Facebook CEO, whose second daughter was born in August of this year

Mark Zuckerberg is taking parental leave for the month of December, the Facebook CEO announced Saturday.

Zuckerberg previously took a month-long leave immediately after the August 2017 birth of his second daughter, August.

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Jeremy Hunt attacks Facebook over app aimed at children

‘Stay away from my kids,’ health secretary tells US social media platform after trial of new service designed for under 13s

Jeremy Hunt has publicly attacked Facebook for releasing a version of its Messenger app aimed at children, and called on the social media company to “stay away from my kids”.

The health secretary accused the company of “targeting younger children” after Facebook announced on Monday that it was conducting trials of an app called Messenger Kids in the US, which is designed to be used by pre-teens.

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