Data breach hits Department of Social Services credit card system

Exclusive: Data includes employees’ names, user names, work phone numbers, work emails and system passwords

The Department of Social Services has written to 8,500 current and former employees warning them their personal data held by a contractor has been breached.

In letters sent in early November the department alerted the employees to “a data compromise relating to staff profiles within the department’s credit card management system prior to 2016”.

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Uber hacking: customers not at risk of financial crime, says minister

Digital minister, Matt Hancock, says government still trying to gauge number of people affected in the UK

There is no evidence that Uber customers who had their personal details stolen are at risk of direct financial crime, a minister has insisted, despite hundreds of users complaining that their accounts have been hacked from Russia.

The digital minister, Matt Hancock, told the House of Commons, on Thursday, that the government was still trying to gauge the number of people in the UK affected by the global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October last year, which the company initially concealed.

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Which Windows laptop should I buy for £500?

Stuart is looking for a high-spec laptop at a low price. There are some good options, and Black Friday may reveal a few more

If you were in the market for a new laptop, what would you buy if your absolute maximum budget was £500?

I’ve always liked 17in widescreen laptops but will switch to 15in, preferably with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard disk. Stuart

My first thought was that your best bet was a refurbished ThinkPad from Tier1Online, but it turns out that you really can buy new laptops with your preferred specification for less than £500, especially if they are older models at discounted prices. There may be even more examples around tomorrow, which is Black Friday, and over the weekend.

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#Starvecrow review – first ever selfie movie needs an upgrade

Shot mostly on camera phones, this British drama about a group of insufferable twentysomethings has little going for it besides zeitgeist bragging rights

After found footage and phone footage films, here, with the inevitability of a man in belted jeans launching a new iPhone model to a crowd of saucer-eyed disciples, is the first ever selfie movie – a naive and self-indulgent piece with very little going for it other than zeitgeist bragging rights.

Shot mostly on camera phones by the actors, #Starvecrow is a tiny-budget British drama about a group of insufferably privileged twentysomething mates. Ben Willens is Ben, a controlling narcissist who creepily films everything on his phone. When his on-off girlfriend (Ashlie Walker) walks out for good, he steals her friends’ mobiles – giving the film its footage of attention-seeking drunken antics and nastier behaviour never intended for Snapchat. Ben, like one of the lads from Made in Chelsea after inadvertently catching an episode of The Moral Maze on Radio 4, tells his psychotherapist that he wants to see “between the cracks” of people’s lives.

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Sky Soundbox review: the all-in-one TV speaker that won’t annoy the neighbours

Tired of reaching for the remote whenever something explodes in a film? The compact Soundbox might be your saviour – but it’s pricey if you don’t have Sky

Sky has partnered with French audio-firm Devialet to create the Soundbox, an all-in-one TV speaker that promises to squeeze full-range, powerful sound into a small box that, in theory, won’t annoy the neighbours.

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