‘Witcher 3’ developer takes shot at microtransactions — ‘We leave greed to others’

It’s no secret that most gamers hate microtransactions. Video game publishers, on the other hand, seem to love them. Luckily, the developers of the Witcher series agrees that such policies are a result of greed.

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Independent bookshops play a vital role in our communities – don’t let Amazon destroy that

Local bookshops are agents of culture not just commerce. They bring a sense of belonging to our suburbs and a passion for community Amazon can’t

What makes the place you live in your neighbourhood your home?

I’ve lived in inner-north Melbourne for most of my life. It’s home to a thriving arts scene: grass-roots theatre companies like La Mama, independent publishers like Scribe Publications and Black Inc., cultural institutions like Melbourne Museum.

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How Brexity is your vacuum cleaner?

Staunch leaver James Dyson has said Britain should walk away from talks with the EU. Here’s where other dust busters stand on the issue

As well as vacuum cleaners, Dyson is famous for gadgets that blow hot air, from fans to hairdryers. These days, that list also includes the company’s billionaire founder James Dyson, who regularly blasts unsuspecting Britons with his gung-ho view on Brexit.

Most recently, the outspoken British inventor argued we should walk away from talks with the EU. Walk away and “they will come to us”, argues Dyson.

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Disruption games: why are libertarians lining up with autocrats to undermine democracy?

In the era of digital politics, an odd alliance has sprung up: anti-state campaigners and Moscow-backed nationalists are combining to disrupt liberal institutions

At a time when strange alliances are disrupting previously stable democracies, the Catalan independence referendum was a perfect reflection of a weird age. Along with the flag-waving and calls for ‘freedom’ from Madrid, the furore that followed the vote unleashed some of the darker elements that have haunted recent turbulent episodes in Europe and America: fake news, Russian mischief and, marching oddly in step, libertarian activism.

From his residence of more than five years inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange tweeted 80 times in support of Catalan secession, and his views were amplified by the state-run Russian news agency, Sputnik, making him the most quoted English-language voice on Twitter, according to independent research and the Sydney Morning Herald.

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