Facebook quarterly revenue up 47% on 2016 as company faces Senate scrutiny

Social network beats expectations with $10.33bn, but Mark Zuckerberg says efforts to fight foreign political interference could hurt future profits

Facebook posted a better-than-expected quarterly revenue of $10.33bn, up 47% from the previous year, on the same day that the social network faced a grilling from US lawmakers over Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

However, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, warned that his company’s efforts to clamp down on foreign interference in elections could damage future profits.

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Divisive Russian-backed Facebook ads released to the public

Ads released by US lawmakers appear to have targeted both liberals and conservatives on hot-button issues and attempted to sow discord during election

US lawmakers have publicly released a selection of Facebook ads bought by Russian operatives and a list of imposter Twitter accounts, revealing how foreign actors sought to sow division among American citizens.

The ads and Twitter profiles appeared to target liberals and conservatives on a range of hot-button topics, including police brutality, immigration, race relations, Islamophobia and LGBT rights.

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Razer Phone launch: company squeezes PC gaming tech into a smartphone

Razer has shoehorned performance laptop technology into its 8mm device, targeting young consumers who want to play quality games on the go

Gaming on smartphones is big business. So big that hardcore gaming firm Razer reckons there’s a better way to make a smartphone that’s good for games, but that you won’t be embarrassed to use in public.

Having started making precision mice and colourful keyboards for gaming, then successfully moving into performance laptops over the last five years, Razer believes that mobile is the next step in gaming.

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