Ex-Twitter worker who ‘admires’ Trump says he was behind account deactivation

Bahtiyar Duysak of Germany tells CNN he made ‘a mistake’ in temporarily deactivating the president’s account, but the details remain murky

A German man who says he “admires” Donald Trump has claimed responsibility for the deactivation of the president’s Twitter account for 11 minutes on 2 November, though questions remain about how and why he did it.

Twitter said at the time that the temporary outage was caused by “a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day”. Many Trump opponents hailed the unknown employee as a hero.

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Police to lose phone and web data search authorisation powers

Change is one of several to ‘snooper’s charter’ law proposed by ministers in attempt to comply with European court ruling

Senior police officers are to lose the power to self-authorise access to personal phone and web browsing records under a series of late changes to the ”snooper’s charter” law proposed by ministers in an attempt to comply with a European court ruling on Britain’s mass surveillance powers.

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