NBN may leave lives at risk in bushfires and floods, experts warn

Regional disaster coordinators fear the Coalition’s cost-cutting decision to run fibre optics to-the-node will result in people being cut off in power outage

Lives may be lost in mass-emergencies including flood, bushfire and cyclone events because the NBN network will be left vulnerable during significant power outages, disaster management experts have warned NBN Co.

Emergency coordinators in disaster-prone regions such as the Sunshine Coast and Redland in Queensland fear the government’s decision to run fibre optics largely to-the-node instead of to-the-premises in a bid to save money and roll out the NBN faster will leave communities completely cut off in a power outage.

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Millions of Pornhub users targeted in malvertising attack

Security firm uncovers hacking group KovCoreG’s attempts to trick browsers of world’s largest adult site into installing fake updates

Millions of Pornhub users were targeted with a malvertising attack that sought to trick them into installing malware on their PCs, according to infosec firm Proofpoint.

By the time the attack was uncovered, it had been active “for more than a year”, Proofpoint said, having already “exposed millions of potential victims in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia” to malware by pretending to be software updates to popular browsers.

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