Amazon ordered to repay €250m by EU over ‘illegal tax advantages’

Commission also says it plans to take Irish government to European court of justice over failure to collect €13bn from Apple

Amazon has been ordered to repay €250m (£222m) by EU authorities, after a ruling that the technology company benefited from illegal and unfair state aid from Luxembourg.

The European commission also announced on Wednesday that it plans to take the the Irish government to the European court of justice (ECJ) over its failure to collect €13bn in unpaid taxes from Apple, in relation to an earlier ruling.

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DeepMind announces ethics group to focus on problems of AI

Firm brings in advisers from academia and charity sector to ‘help technologists put ethics into practice’ in bid to help society cope with artificial intelligence

Deepmind, Google’s London-based AI research sibling, has opened a new unit focused on the ethical and societal questions raised by artificial intelligence.

The new research unit will aim “to help technologists put ethics into practice, and to help society anticipate and direct the impact of AI so that it works for the benefit of all”, according to the company, which hit headlines in 2016 for building the first machine to beat a world champion at the ancient Asian board game Go.

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Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: everything we think we know

Google is taking on Apple with launch of new smartphones, right down to the rumoured lack of headphone socket – here’s what we expect to be unveiled

Two new Pixel phones and a competitor to Amazon’s Echo Dot are among the products expected to be unveiled today at an event held by Google.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones will be iterations of the first Pixel phones released a year ago, according to leaks, while the Google Home Mini smart speaker is expected to be similar to Amazon’s shrunk-down Echo Dot smart speaker, squeezing the voice-control features into a smaller package but requiring a separate speaker for high-quality music playback.

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