4 apps to try for your drone

The best apps for you drone before flight and during. Our suggestions include apps to help to find where to fly your drone and when to fly it, depending on the weather.

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Uber clashes with regulators in cities around the world

From Europe to north America, the ride-hailing company has run into trouble with authorities over falling foul of rules

Claiming to be a communications platform rather than a taxi service, Uber has expanded by ignoring existing rules. This has prompted protests against the ride-hailing company by drivers, run-ins with national authorities, and new laws designed to curb its activities. The decision by Transport for London to strip Uber of its licence last week was the latest in a long line of clashes between the US firm and the establishment.

In some cities around the world where it operates, Uber is on a collision course with regulators, while in others it remains firmly outlawed. In several places, however, the $70bn (£52bn) firm is actively negotiating its return – or already back up and running.

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