Amazon’s latest Alexa devices ready to extend company’s reach into your home

‘Kids today will grow up never knowing a day when they couldn’t talk to their houses,’ says executive in charge of Echo devices at launch

Amazon, hoping to replicate the success of its Echo device, is poised to extend its eyes and ears into every part of your life with the launch of new voice-controlled and camera-equipped Alexa devices designed for bedrooms, living rooms and even your car.

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Trump-Russia investigation may target Reddit posts, says senator’s aide

Senator Mark Warren has considered examining site, says spokesman, as researcher reports that it was home to ‘coordinated information campaigns’

Reddit could join Facebook and Twitter as a target for federal investigators exploring Russian influence over the 2016 presidential election, according to a spokesperson for Senator Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee.

Warner’s staff indicated to the Guardian that, while nothing was imminent, the senator has considered examining the site as the question of 2016 election interference lingers on in parallel congressional and FBI investigations.

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