Uber threatens to leave Quebec in protest at new rules for drivers

  • Uber complains that 35-hour training requirement for drivers is unfair
  • Montreal mayor dismisses threat: ‘If they threaten to leave, I don’t care’

Uber says it will stop operating in the Canadian province of Quebec if authorities push forward with plans to demand additional training of its drivers.

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Facebook wants to know: is it good or bad? You tell us …

The site is polling users about how they perceive it but declining to publish the results. Answer these survey questions and let us know your thoughts

Is Facebook having an existential crisis? The company has been asking users a stream of questions that indicate some wear and tear in the company’s previously optimistic outlook.

Is Facebook good for the world? Does it care about its users? Is it making the world better or worse for people having a tough time in life? Does my butt look big in this? (OK, that last one was a lie.)

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Jacquard: Google and Levi’s ‘smart jacket’ that you can only wash 10 times

Have you always wanted a smartwatch but don’t want to wear a watch? How about a vibrating denim jacket that connects to the internet? Anyone?

Google and Levi Strauss have partnered to make a “smart jacket”, and the end result is exactly as good as you’d expect from a collaboration between the companies that brought you a set of glasses people actively hated and a hideous touch-sensitive watch (that one was Levi’s).

The apparel, a $350 denim jacket branded as “Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google”, is the first product of a two-year-long collaboration between the two firms that started back in May 2015 with the intention of making a pair of “smart jeans”. The idea was to use a newly designed conductive fabric to allow the garment to send data and power without the need for wires.

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