‘There is life after Uber’: what happens when cities ban the service?

After London stripped the service of its license, stories from Austin, Alaska and Denmark offer a preview of what could be next for the city’s transportation

When Uber and Lyft abruptly ended services in Austin last year, 10,000 ride-share drivers lost their jobs overnight and riders across the Texas city were stranded.

“It left us all in a lurch,” said Frances DeLaune, who was working as a driver when the taxi apps shut down service there in May 2016 after refusing to comply with local regulations. She recalled how some turned to crowd-sourcing on Facebook where passengers posted ride requests and drivers showed up to help strangers: “People were panicking.”

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I’m glad it’s all over for Uber in London – and I work for them | anonymous

As a driver, I enjoyed the early years. Then the company slashed fares in an attempt to crush its rivals, forcing us all to work longer hours for less pay

I’ve been an Uber driver for five years, so you’d expect me to be furious that Transport for London wants to stop the company operating in the capital. Not a bit of it.

I could not be happier with TFL’s ruling that Uber is not a “fit and proper” private car hire operator.

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