Apple cuts cookies – but there is more to come in the online advertising arms race

Apple’s latest software update has enraged companies who have been using cookies to track users across the web

Apple is cutting down on how many cookies advertisers can force on to your devices, with changes coming to iPhones, iPads and Macs. The advertisers, naturally, are not happy.

Digital cookies are small text files that can be used to track users as they surf the web, helping to build up a detailed profile of which sites they visit, what they do while they are there, and how long they do it for.

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Fire HD 10: Amazon cuts price and doubles storage of new 10in tablet

New media-focused Android device has hands-free Alexa, faster processor, better screen and longer battery life – all for £150

Amazon has unveiled a new, improved and cheaper large-screen Fire HD 10 Android tablet, now featuring hands-free Alexa integration, a much better screen and longer battery life.

The 2017 Fire HD 10 continues Amazon’s recent moves in tablets, cutting prices, adding features and increasing the durability of its line that is aimed squarely at media consumption rather than content creation or work. The company’s £50 Fire 7 and £80 Fire HD 8 have both become popular thanks to being low cost but feature rich.

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Disruption’s double standard: tech firms get rich but street vendors get fined

In a region where companies like Uber and Airbnb have cashed in on unauthorized cabs and boarding houses, vendors trying to make a living selling food without a license face police crackdowns

From their spot on the sidewalk outside San Francisco’s Dolores Park, Miguel Muniz and Juan Anguiano could see children running around the playground and hundreds of hipsters lounging on a grassy hillside amid games of beer pong and men hawking loose joints in mason jars.

But the pair of palateros, or ice cream vendors, were hesitant to go to the place near the jungle gym where they would have the best shot at selling $2 ice cream bars. Park rangers would confiscate their carts and give them tickets, they said, if they ventured inside the park’s perimeter.

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Robots ‘could take 4m UK private sector jobs within 10 years’

Survey from the Royal Society of Arts argues that technology could phase out mundane roles, raise productivity and deliver higher wages

Four million jobs in the private sector could be replaced by robots in the UK in the next decade, according to business leaders asked about the future of automation and artificial intelligence.

The potential impact amounts to 15% of the current private sector workforce and emerged in a poll conducted by YouGov for the Royal Society of Arts, whose chief executive, Matthew Taylor, has been advising Downing Street on the future of modern work.

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Equifax: credit firm was breached before massive May hack

Maligned Atlanta-based agency finally goes public on earlier data breach, which happened in March, following reports company only notified payroll customers

Equifax, the credit monitoring agency that lost personal data of 143 million US customers in a massive hack in May, has revealed that it was also the victim of an earlier breach in March.

The earlier breach was serious enough for the company to notify customers, and bring in the information security firm Mandiant to investigate. But the millions of Americans whose personal data the company stockpiles to power its services are not technically customers of the company, and so it did not inform them.

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iOS 11: the eight best new features for your iPhone and iPad

New version of Apple’s smartphone and tablet software includes customisation and multitasking additions, and will be available for download today

Apple’s iOS 11 will be available to download on iPhones and iPads everywhere from today, adding various new features including the ability to customise Control Centre for the first time.

Not all iPhones and iPads will be able to run iOS 11: anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5C, or iPad 4 or older is out of luck. But the majority of devices bought in the last few years will be able to download the update for free via the Settings app or through iTunes on a computer.

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