Bitcoin value plummets after China orders trading in currency to cease

Beijing orders exchanges to stop trading in bitcoin amid fears increasing number of consumers in market could spark wider financial problems

The value of bitcoin has collapsed below $3,000 (£2,200) after Chinese authorities announced a crackdown on the digital currency.

The virtual currency, which emerged in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, fell as low as $2,972 on Friday – a drop of 40% from a high of $5,000 earlier this month. The drop came after Beijing ordered cryptocurrency exchanges to stop trading and block new registrations, due to fears that increasing number of consumers piling into the market could spark wider financial problems.

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Washington DC braces for net neutrality protests later this month

A coalition of activists and consumer groups are banding together to express concerns over an FCC proposal to rewrite the rules governing the internet

Net neutrality advocates are planning two days of protests and action in Washington DC this month as they fight off plans to defang regulations meant to protect an open internet.

A coalition of activists, consumer groups and writers are calling on supporters to attend the next meeting of the Federal Communications Commission on 26 September in DC. On the following day, the protest will move to Capitol Hill where people will meet with their legislators to express their concerns about an FCC proposal to rewrite the rules governing the internet.

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What’s the cheapest way of buying an iPhone 8?

Don’t be suckered in: navigating the multitude offers reveals buying an iPhone 8 outright and signing up to a cheap sim-only deal is the most cost effective option

The iPhone 8 is available to pre-order from today, but don’t be distracted by flashy offers with low upfront costs and a high monthly fee: the cheapest way to get one is still simply buying it outright from Apple or another retailer, and taking out a low cost sim-only contract.

The 64GB iPhone 8, the cheapest of the newly launched phones, costs £699 when bought directly from Apple or from a third-party electronics store such as Currys or John Lewis. Combined with a low-cost contract or pay-as-you-go sim, such as the £5 plan offered by O2’s corporate sibling Giffgaff, the cost of owning the phone for two years is £819 – lower than any competing deal of the major retailers we reviewed.

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