From handsets to Hollywood: Apple joins the dash for content

The tech giant is a latecomer to a market being transformed by Netflix and Amazon. But if it commits enough money, it could yet be a serious player

Apple has Amazon, Netflix and the Hollywood studios in its sights. That is clear after a frenetic summer hiring big TV chiefs, scouting out space in a famous Hollywood studio and considering spending up to $5bn (£3.8bn) on the rights to distribute James Bond films.

Apple has largely sat on the sidelines in the TV and film arms race being led by Netflix and Amazon. Until recently, its focus has been on providing the devices to get access to such content, led by the iPhone. But Apple has been slowly increasing its portfolio in recent years. First came music with the $3bn acquisition of Dr Dre’s Beats, followed by its own music service in 2015. Now the Silicon valley giant has set its sights on playing catch-up in TV and film.

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If Mark Zuckerberg runs for president, will Facebook help him win? | Katherine Haenschen

Facebook can shift elections. That’s why, with rumors swirling that the social media CEO might run, transparency is needed now more than ever

Despite his protestations to the contrary, founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been acting like someone planning to run for office. He hired a pollster, visited a Detroit auto plant and other swing-state locations, and gave a high-profile commencement speech.

Meanwhile, Facebook has been under intense criticism for its role as a vector of misinformation in recent elections. This week, Facebook admitted that Russian accounts purchased $100,000 in political ads in 2015 and 2016. This disclosure comes only two months after the platform refused to disclose who is paying for advertising on the platform and where they’re running.

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If you don’t have a mobile phone, tell us why

As the world welcomes the latest iPhone this week, we want to hear from those who don’t have a mobile phone at all

Apple will launch the iPhone 8 on Tuesday. The new phone is set to be a radical change for the company as it celebrates the device’s 10th anniversary.

While for some, this will be a day that they have eagerly awaited, others may be less enthused. And there may be a few who don’t have a smartphone or even a mobile altogether.

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