Squeezed out: widely mocked startup Juicero is shutting down

The company, which offered pre-sold packets of diced fruits and vegetables that users plugged into its $400 machines, launched only 16 months ago

Juicero, a Silicon Valley juicer startup that raised $120m from investors and was widely ridiculed after the $400 machines were revealed to be the equivalent of two hands squeezing a juice box, is shutting down.

The death of Juicero, announced on Friday, is the latest case of a San Francisco tech startup collapsing after raising substantial funds under the guise of innovation and disruption, but failing to build a profitable business.

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Husband and wife bank £400m from sale of Matchesfashion.com

Tom and Ruth Chapman join the ranks of the mega-rich after selling their online designer fashion empire to investors

A husband and wife who started in business with one fashion shop in Wimbledon 30 years ago have banked £400m after selling their online designer fashion empire Matchesfashion.com to private equity investors.

Tom and Ruth Chapman will join the ranks of the mega-rich after taking their business, which sells brands including Gucci, Prada and Stella McCartney, as well as their own label Raey, to customers across the globe. They are understood to be keeping a stake in the business worth about £130m.

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The Guardian view on Google: overweening power | Editorial

An academic fired after criticising Google shows how Silicon Valley shapes our reality

When Google received a record $2.7bn fine from the European Union in June for abusing its search engine monopoly to promote its shopping search service, a relatively minor member of an American thinktank, the New America Foundation, posted a short statement praising the regulator, and calling on the US to follow suit.

The New America Foundation is intimately intertwined with the search firm. It has received more than $20m over its lifetime from Google and related companies and individuals. So when Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, expressed his displeasure over the statement, the foundation moved quickly. The tussle that followed ended up with its author, Barry Lynn, departing the group, along with his entire team at the Open Markets programme.

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