Artist graffities hate speech tweets in front of Twitter’s Hamburg office

Shahak Shapira and other artist-activists stencil insulting barbs to protest what they deem the company’s muteness on offensive tweets

A German-Israeli artist who accuses Twitter of failing to delete hate speech tweets has taken matters into his own hands, by stencilling the offending messages on the road in front of the company’s Hamburg headquarters.

A YouTube video shows Shahak Shapira and fellow activists stencilling tweets saying, “Germany needs a final solution to Islam” and “Let’s gas the Jews.”

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Why are there so few women in tech? The truth behind the Google memo

An engineer at the company has suggested male domination of Silicon Valley is down to biological differences between the sexes. But the root causes are much more complicated

It is time to be “open about the science of human nature”. This was the assertion of software engineer James Damore to his colleagues at Google, in an internal memo that has since led to his sacking. “I’m simply stating,” Damore wrote, “that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership.” He went on to imply that women’s “stronger interest in people” and “neuroticism” might make them less naturally suited to being coders at Google.

The company’s leadership viewed the matter differently, firing Damore and sparing his female colleagues the need to prove their biological aptitude for working with computers.

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Mazda boosts petrol engine efficiency in fresh blow to diesel

Japanese carmaker says from 2019 it will sell cars fitted with engines that largely eliminate need for spark plugs, improving fuel consumption by 30%

One of the world’s largest automotive firms has hailed a technological breakthrough for the petrol engine, in an engineering twist for an industry racing to embrace the electric car.

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda claims to have designed a vehicle that will largely eliminate the need for spark plugs in petrol engines, increasing fuel efficiency by as much as 30%. The development also increases the existential threat facing diesel engines because its fuel economy could match diesel’s performance without high emissions of nitrogen oxides or sooty particulates.

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How screen time can mean missing out | Letters

We are not just swimming in a new medium, we are drowning in it, writes Susan Morony

Christina Patterson’s views about screen use (Don’t let life go by in the blink of a screen, 8 August) must echo those of thousands of parents. We are not just swimming in a new medium, we are drowning in it.

On a flight last week from Preveza to London, a seven-year-old boy pulled the window blind down straight after takeoff, so that he could see his iPad screen. Had he looked out of the window, he would have seen the most wonderful things: crystal clear views of Paxos and Antipaxos, Corfu, the entire, stunning Slovenian and Croatian coasts, glorious Venice, the Alps, from Italy through Switzerland and France, and finally the English Channel and home. So sad that he, and many others, had their heads buried in their screens for the entire journey, and that his mother didn’t think to suggest looking out of the window occasionally.
Susan Morony

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