Marcus Hutchins denies US malware charges, says lawyer – video

The lawyer for Marcus Hutchins, the cyber-expert who thwarted a global ransomware attack, says he denies charges brought against him in the US. Speaking on Saturday, Adrian Lobo says the 23-year-old will plead not guilty to six counts of creating and sharing the malware known as Kronos. Hutchins, who found a ‘kill-switch’ that derailed the attack that crippled the NHS in May, was granted bail under strict conditions that he pay $30,000 (£23,000) and remain in the US

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WannaCry ‘hero’ admitted to writing banking malware, US prosecutors claim

Marcus Hutchins, hailed as ‘accidental hero’ for stopping major ransomware attack, will plead not guilty to allegation he created and spread Kronos malware

The British security researcher who stopped a global ransomware attack admitted to police that he wrote the code of a malware that targeted bank accounts, US prosecutors said during a hearing on Friday, but his attorneys said that he planned to plead not guilty.

Marcus Hutchins, the 23-year-old hailed as a hero for stopping the WannaCry ransomware attack, is accused of helping to create, spread and maintain the banking trojan Kronos between 2014 and 2015 and is facing six counts of hacking-related charges from the US Department of Justice (DoJ), according to a recently unsealed indictment.

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