Why is Google spending record sums on lobbying Washington?

With a real threat of antitrust and privacy regulation on the horizon, Google is on track to become this year’s top corporate lobbying spender in the US

Figures released last week show that Google spent a record amount of almost $6m lobbying in Washington DC in the past three months, putting the Silicon Valley behemoth on track to be the top corporate lobbying spending in the US. Last year it ranked number two, behind Comcast.

Given the increased antitrust scrutiny that is coming from the Democrats’ new “Better Deal” policy platform, Donald Trump’s random tweets attacking fellow tech giant Amazon for its connection to the Washington Post, and his adviser Steve Bannon’s recent comments that Google and Facebook should be regulated as utilities, it is likely Google will only increase its lobbying expenditure in the next few months.

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Sheryl Sandberg calls for policy changes to raise women’s pay

Facebook boss says equal numbers of men and women should apply for jobs and run for political positions to address gender gap

Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg has called for public policy changes to help boost women’s pay and claimed that women underestimate their worth, which prevents them from asking for pay rises.

Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, told BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs on Sunday she believed job openings should be contested by equal numbers of women and men.

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