Male tech CEO pretended to be female sexual harassment victim, suit claims

Venture capitalist Anis Uzzaman alleges male rival published fake blogpost purporting to be an anonymous woman ‘taken advantage of’ by Uzzaman

An anonymous blogpost accusing a Silicon Valley venture capitalist of sexual misconduct was written by a male executive who pretended to be a female victim of harassment in order to damage the reputation of a competitor, according to a lawsuit.

The complaint filed by Anis Uzzaman, a prominent tech investor and CEO of Fenox Venture Capital, alleged that a male rival CEO published a fake online account purporting to be an unnamed woman who was “sexually taken advantage of” by Uzzaman. The blogpost, which said Uzzaman pressured the author to go to his hotel room after a business meeting, was written by Brandon Katayama Hill, founder and CEO of a San Francisco branding and marketing agency called Btrax that competes with Fenox, according to the suit.

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Switch to electric vehicles will not be enough to give us clean air | Letters

Readers respond to Britain’s latest clean air plan and the ban on all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040

So, the government is committed to banning all diesel and petrol cars by 2040 (Report, 26 July). Has it considered the wider impacts?

Power stations will face huge peak-time demand when drivers charge vehicles overnight. Can they cope? Will we face increased electricity charges?

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