Cryptocurrencies are still more an investment than a way to pay

But if mainstream acceptability continues to grow – some US workers now get paid in bitcoin – proper regulation will follow

Cryptocurrencies are under the microscope as never before. Financial regulators in the US are concerned about the emergence of Bitcoin and its digital cousins as speculative investments and have hinted that much tougher regulation is in the pipeline.

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates the New York financial markets, issued an alert, saying it was “cautioning market participants that offers and sales of digital assets by ‘virtual’ organisations are subject to the requirements of the federal securities laws”.

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iPhones worth €500,000 stolen from moving truck in real-life Fast and the Furious

Dutch police arrest five men for allegedly using a modified van to break into and steal from a moving smartphone delivery van

Dutch police have arrested five men suspected of stealing €500,000 (£448,000) of iPhones in a dangerous late-night heist from a moving truck akin to action scenes from Fast and Furious.

Dutch police said that the five men, aged from 33 to 43 and all from Romania, allegedly raided a delivery truck full of iPhones using a modified van, driving close enough to allow one of the suspects to climb on to and break into the truck while it was being driven down a Dutch road.

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