Destiny 2 revealed: ‘massive campaign’, ‘4v4 crucible’ – and an in-game map

Bungie gave its first glimpse of the second-entry in its billion-dollar franchise, and fans may finally find something to make up for the loss of their old stuff

Halo developer Bungie has lifted the lid on Destiny 2, revealing the first details about its follow-up to the 2014 massively multiplayer online first-person shooter.

As the first true sequel to Destiny, following three years of expansion packs and content patches, Destiny 2 provided a chance to start over for the developer: existing players will lose their weapons, armour and other assorted collectibles. The game’s storyline sees the players’ Guardians – the last defenders of humanity in Destiny’s far-future setting – similarly stripped of their powers through an all-out assault on space-god the Traveller.

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FCC votes to dismantle net neutrality as critics cry ‘war on open internet’

Federal Communications Commission will start formal process of repealing Obama-era rule that banned internet service providers from creating fast lanes

Donald Trump’s newly installed media and telecoms regulator moved to repeal Obama-era rules aimed at protecting an open internet on Thursday, the most serious move to date in what looks set to be a hard fight over the future of the internet.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), led by chairman Ajit Pai, voted two to one to start the formal process of dismantling “net neutrality” rules put in place in 2015.

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