Google Docs users hit with sophisticated phishing attack in their inboxes

Deceptive invite to edit a Google Doc appeared to be spreading rapidly, and users were taken to a legitimate Google sign-in screen if they clicked it

A Google Docs scam that appears to be widespread began landing in users’ inboxes on Wednesday in what seemed to be some kind of sophisticated phishing or malware attack.

The deceptive invite to edit a Google Doc – the popular app used for writing and sharing files – appeared to be spreading rapidly, with a subject line stating a contact “has shared a document on Google Docs with you”. If users click the “Open in Docs” button in the email, it takes them to a legitimate Google sign-in screen that asks to “continue in Google Docs”.

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I found something I like in a store. Is it wrong to buy it online for less?

Is purchasing on Amazon instead of a local store destroying a community that goes beyond the transaction – or is it just smart shopping?

Q: I saw something I liked in a store but bought it cheaper online. Is this wrong?

A: I have been on a long journey with this. My first instinct was no; comparison shopping is completely legitimate. Why are you, the individual of limited means, required to compensate for structural inequities that give large retailers an advantage over small ones? Then I thought, hang on. Consumer power is a mighty weapon, and we should all be shopping more wisely, buying less, paying more, and spreading the wealth around more evenly. Then I rang a friend of a friend, who used to run a small shop in London, and heard what it was like from her side. And in the middle of this, I bought two pairs of ballet shoes online.

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