Spotify hopes going public will cement streaming as music’s future

As music industry celebrates second straight year of growth, service hopes to buck trend of tech industry disappointments on Wall Street

The world may love the services they provide, but the new generation of tech companies haven’t found much love on Wall Street recently. Spotify, the leading music streaming service, is hoping to change that with a share sale could lead another round of “unicorns” to try their luck on the US stock markets.

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Trek Emonda S5 road bike review: will Lance Armstrong sign my friend’s jersey?

This carbon-framed cycle hired from Armstrong’s shop is more than a match for the hills around Austin, Texas. But can our writer find the man himself?

My friend Adam sent me to Austin, Texas, with a task: “Can you get Lance Armstrong to sign my US Postal Service jersey?” It’s like asking someone going to Newcastle if they can persuade Gazza to autograph an old Magpies shirt. Austin is a big place. Almost a million people live there. It’s true the seven-time Tour de France winner (since disqualified) is one of them, but would I be able to track him down?

Armstrong’s bike shop seemed a good place to start. I’d heard he spends a lot of time hanging around Mellow Johnny’s (imagine “maillot jaune” said in a Texan drawl), a paradise for those cyclists who don’t mind their dollars going towards Armstrong’s legal fund.

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Accused of underpaying women, Google says it’s too expensive to get wage data

Officials said it was too financially burdensome and logistically challenging to hand over salary records that the government requested in discrimination case

Google argued that it was too financially burdensome and logistically challenging to compile and hand over salary records that the government has requested, sparking a strong rebuke from the US Department of Labor (DoL), which has accused the Silicon Valley firm of underpaying women.

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