Mark Zuckerberg’s surprise visit to Ohio family boosts rumor of political run

Moore family of Newton Falls, Democrats who voted for Trump, hosted the Facebook CEO who is visiting all 50 states amid speculation of a run for office

An Ohio family said they learned just 20 minutes before dinner on Friday evening that a planned mystery guest would be the Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

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‘Spicer facts’ and weird handshakes: 100 days of Trump in memes

After 100 days of Trump, you may need some memes

When Trump won the presidency, someone on 4chan wrote: “We actually elected a meme as president.”

As terrifying as the idea of a meme having access to the nuclear codes is, the age of Trump has ushered in a new age of memes. Jokes on the internet often crop up in the most trying of times – and with a non-stop news cycle based around whatever the president tweets next, maybe memes are the only way to make sense of the turbulent times we live in.

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Frog 62 hybrid kids’ bike review: fast enough to scare the ducks away

If you want a bike that will inspire a child to cycle, this could be it

It is a scenario many cyclists imagine as they gaze at their newborn baby: the day they can start going for bike rides with junior. Not for their child a PlayStation 4 or Snapchat: their offspring will be turning the cranks with glee. That’s the dream, anyway.

Alice, the seven-year-old I borrowed to test the Frog, is the daughter of a former bike mechanic and racer. Almost always keen to go for a pedal, she quickly tires, partly because her legs are going like the clappers – her Carrera from Halfords has twist-shift gears her little hands can’t quite turn – and partly because the adult-sized cranks force her knees up too high.

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