Facebook admits: governments exploited us to spread propaganda

  • Company will step up security to clamp down on ‘information operations’
  • Facebook suspended 30,000 accounts in France before presidential election

Facebook has publicly acknowledged that its platform has been exploited by governments seeking to manipulate public opinion in other countries – including during the presidential elections in the US and France – and pledged to clamp down on such “information operations”.

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Sexism, racism and bullying are driving people out of tech, US study finds

A first-of-its-kind report analyzed the reasons why tech workers leave their jobs, and found a common thread of sexual harassment, bullying and stereotyping

Sexual harassment, bullying and racist stereotyping are common in the technology industry, creating a culture that drives underrepresented employees out of their jobs, new research has found.

One in 10 women in tech experience unwanted sexual attention, and nearly one in four people of color face stereotyping, according to the Kapor Center for Social Impact and Harris Poll, which surveyed more than 2,000 people who left tech jobs in the last three years.

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