Facebook’s key to building communities in divided times: augmented reality

Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 conference hinted that AR encourages people to interact with others – although that experience is still mediated by a screen

We live in a time when society is divided and work is needed to bring people together, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks it has the solution: augmented reality.

Speaking on stage at the company’s annual developer conference F8, Zuckerberg outlined the company’s plan to turn the camera app into a platform that makes it easy for people to build augmented reality experiences, whereby digital objects and information are overlaid onto or used to enhance the physical space.

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EU launches public consultation into fears about the future of the internet

Privacy and security, artificial intelligence, net neutrality, big data and impact of internet on daily life among topics included in European commission surveys

The EU is launching an unprecedented public consultation today to find out what Europeans fear most about the future of the internet.

A succession of surveys over the coming weeks will ask people for their views on everything from privacy and security to artificial intelligence, net neutrality, big data and the impact of the digital world on jobs, health, government and democracy.

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