UK tourists to US may get asked to hand in passwords or be denied entry

Although mitigation options exist, lawyers warn attempts to protect personal data may be seen as ‘probable cause’ for searching

British travellers to the United States face the uncomfortable choice of handing over personal information, including social media passwords and mobile phone contacts, or running the risk of being denied entry to the country, under a new “extreme vetting” policy being considered by the Trump administration.

Tourists from the UK and other US allies including Germany and France, could be forced to reveal personal data, as well as disclose financial information and face detailed ideological questioning, according to Trump administration officials quoted by the Wall Street Journal. While US citizens have established rights against unlawful searches at the border, the extent to which foreign travellers can resist requests to hand over personal information is unclear.

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Games reviews roundup: Persona 5; Yooka-Laylee; Virry VR

Teen rebellion is even better fifth time around, while a crowd-funded platformer revives the 90s and Kenya’s wildlife gets up close and personal

PS4, PS3, Sony, cert: 12
Following the success and acclaim of Persona 4, this new entry in developer Atlus’s series of turn-based role-playing games has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, Persona 5 exceeds these high expectations, oozing style and personality. In both the dynamic, context-specific loading screens and the intuitive battle menus, every design decision reinforces the narrative theme of battling the corrupt systems that have robbed the protagonists’ futures, driving them to become the phantom thieves of hearts. Even dungeon descents are made to feel like heists, with the protagonists infiltrating the mindscapes of their abusers to steal their secrets and treasures.

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