Qantas and Virgin airlines ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights

The airlines cite the smartphone’s potential fire risk as the reason for the ban, which comes into effect today

Passengers flying Qantas or Virgin Australia will be banned from bringing the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights.

The airlines cite the smartphone’s potential fire risk as the reason for the ban, which comes into effect on Sunday.

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‘It’s frenzied, like a scrappy kid’: can robots clean my house?

Fed up with chores? We road-tested six domestic robots (so you don’t have to)

The future is a funny place to live. A few years ago, I bought a lamp controlled by Wi-Fi. “No more getting up and switching things on for me!” I thought, smugly. It was only once I’d bought the lamp that I realised how tedious it is to get your phone out, unlock it, swipe through to the right app, open it, select the correct lamp and switch it on every evening.

So I struck upon a brilliant plan. I saw a Kickstarter for a physical button that links to your phone via Bluetooth and connects to Wi-Fi-enabled objects. I bought that, too, hooked it up to the lamp and stuck it on my wall.

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Minecraft, books, panto… and pugs! YouTube star DanTDM opens up

His games channel has 12.7m subscribers, but Daniel Middleton’s horizons are expanding into publishing and theatre

“I think pugs are actually the perfect dog for YouTubers, just because they’re lapdogs. YouTubers spend a lot of time at home, and they’re perfect companion dogs. When you need to work, they don’t mind. They love sleeping!”

Daniel Middleton, aka DanTDM from child-friendly YouTube gaming channel The Diamond Minecart, has been working a lot. He’s the most popular British creator on YouTube, with 12.7 million subscribers and 8.3bn video views since 2012.

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Fateful night: a young woman is dead, her Tinder date charged with murder

New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright met up with Gable Tostee in fun-loving Surfers Paradise. A few hours later she plunged 14 storeys to her death

Warriena Wright was visiting the Gold Coast in Australia when she matched on Tinder with Gable Tostee. They met up in the popular tourist nightspot of Surfers Paradise on a Thursday night and bought a six-pack of beer after spending a few minutes in a pub.

By the end of the date Wright was dead, having plunged 14 storeys from the balcony of Tostee’s apartment, and two years later he is on trial in Queensland’s supreme court charged with her murder.

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