Robert Downey Jr offers to voice Mark Zuckerberg’s digital assistant

Actor offered to lend his voice to the Facebook founder’s artificial intelligence-based personal assistant, which Zuckerberg calls ‘kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man’

It may be Tesla’s Elon Musk who most often invites comparison to Marvel’s superhero Iron Man – the alter ego of billionaire inventor Tony Stark – but it is Mark Zuckerberg who might be the first to bring Stark’s technology to life.

Memorably, the Facebook CEO sets himself annual goals such as learning Mandarin in 2010, eating only meat from animals he killed himself in 2011, or reading two books a month in 2015.

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Trump, gorillas and white elephants | Brief letters

Robots | Escaped gorilla | York Minster bellringers | Trident | Trichologist obituary

Earl Yardley, of Industrial Vision Systems (Letters, 14 October), says that in the future robots will not replace humans and instead the two will work “in partnership”. A touch complacent, maybe? Last May the iPhone parts maker Foxconn reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots. I have yet to hear where the 60,000 replaced workers were redeployed. I suspect they weren’t. So, while hoping that everything will work out for the best, perhaps we do need to work on a plan B as well.
Bill Sharp
Chichester, West Sussex

• Has Nigel Farage revealed the way to deal with Donald Trump? He has compared Trump to a silverback gorilla, like the one that escaped from London Zoo (Report, 14 October). The gorilla was shot with a tranquillising dart and then put back in his cage.
Peter Gorty
Weybridge, Surrey

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